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Dance News Week 5 Term 1

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The Dance Ensemble programs are now up and running. Please check the Dance Ensemble Google Classroom for rehearsal times and locations. With over 70 students applying for a place, it was decided that we would run three junior ensembles and one senior ensemble. If you don’t have the code, please see Ms Comelli in the Music Staffroom. If you haven’t already commenced in week 5, be prepared to begin week 6. If for whatever reason you can’t find your name or you have missed out then please come and see me as I have accepted all applications. 

If you are interested in seeing a great film exploring indigneonus Dance and Culture then get some family and friends together to watch Firestarter on Sunday 28th February

Year 12 Students

These hard working students are now meeting with their dancers regularly in preparation for their first public viewing of their work to date. This is an exciting time for the Choreographers who get to see their own work performed publicly by their chosen dancer. 2020 HSC Callback works will be released by NESA in April via a digital platform that requires subscription to view the works and Q & A by the SOM (Supervisor of Marking). Once this becomes live I will pass this information for students to access this valuable resource. 

Year 11 Students

The skill of writing sustained paragraphs is the focus of this talented group of young men and women. Their research into the history of Classical Ballet and the emergence of Modern Dance has exposed them to more worldly affairs that took place over the turn of the century. It has provided interesting discussion as to the creation of art that has been simulated by life events. It will be interesting to see what art emerges from the lived experience of the Covid 19 Pandemic. 

Year 10 Students

This group is rocking hard to Lana Del Rey this term exploring interesting gestural movements intertwined with powerful messages on self image and its relationship to feeling trapped. There are lots of talented choreographers in this group who are really starting to let their colours shine. I look forward to watching this group mature across the four terms.

Year 9 Students

This delightful little group is charging full steam ahead demonstrating excellent skills in the exploration and understanding of the elements of space and its relationship to communicating ideas in movement. They have already begun to demonstrate their potential through the independent work they are completing. 

Bangarra Workshop

This amazing opportunity is now underway with the first PL conducted live last Friday in the School Hall. Thanks to the VET Entertainment crew under the awesome guidance of Mr Drayton we were able to link up live to the studios at Bangarra and work with their Youth Education Team. The next two sessions are for all students who expressed interest in the program:

Week 7:

Friday 12th March 11:00 – 12:15 in the School Hall via digital zoom.

Week 9:

Friday 26th March 11:00 – 12:15 in the School Hall via digital zoom.

Permission notes will be available this week. Please collect them from the Music Staffroom.