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Starting The Year With Science


Generally, students have settled well into the new year. Year 7 is learning about working in the laboratory. Year 8 is investigating energy in Stage 4. Year 9 is developing their understanding of energy by learning about light, sound and waves. Year 10 is applying Stage 5 physics and mathematical skills to practical conditions such as car driving. 

 Year 11 Investigating Science students have been working on their qualitative and quantitative skills. Earth and Environmental science students have been investigating density, in particular of saline solutions. This reflects the focus on Marine Biology in the course here at Engadine HS. 

Here are some photos of the student demonstrating their scientific skills. Chemistry students are improving their ability to manipulate chemical formulas. Biology in Year 11 is investigating cell theory and improving their skills through the work with senior microscopes. Year 11 Physics is learning to apply mathematical ideas to real world situations. 

Year 12 in Biology is working on their depth study on genomic medicine while Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science students are planning their depth study to collect first hand data on climate change.