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A Fundraiser For Our Sponsor Child


A fundraiser for our sponsor child – Romani from Ethiopia 

This term, the Year 8 SRC have invested in helping our sponsor child, Romani, who we sponsor through Plan International. Romani lives in Ethiopia and is in need of our help! On Tuesday 30th March, the SRC will be running a bake sale at recess and lunch on the quad to raise funds for Romani’s sponsorship. This sponsorship goes towards improving Romani’s community including health care, education, housing and general wellbeing. Additionally, the Year 8 SRC will deliver workshops about Romani and her community to the Year 7 students. For this bake sale, everything will be COVID approved to ensure that all the students are safe. Make sure to come by and purchase your favourite treats! 

Year 8 SRC

Jack, Bayden, Eva, Mitchell, Sophie, Duc-Tri, Sienna and Tiana