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Intergenerational Storytelling Project

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Sutherland Shire Council in partnership with Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation is excited to announce the ‘Intergenerational Storytelling Project’.

A number of our students teamed up with 10 local knowledge holders for an intergenerational storytelling project last week in Miranda. While connecting with the local people the students developed stories and will later produce, shoot and edit short films together. This was facilitated by Shopfront Arts Co-Op.

The films will then be screened on 14 April 2021 at Hoyts Cinema, Cronulla as part of Youth Week.

From Juliet Sigsworth, Year 10

On Wednesday we were split into three groups where we worked on a 5-minute film. The films will be about how elders and young generations can connect. 

We started planning how our group would do this and we decided to act out Aunt Dolly’s story.  (We all loved Aunt Dolly).

Aunt Dolly’s granddaughter was in our group so she played a younger version of Dolly. On the second day Dolly couldn’t be there for long but brought props for us. We then got to filming, which was so much fun!

Acting out the parts of Dolly’s story really showed me how different and hard it was growing up as an Aboriginal person when she was young. We got to do a little editing but we unfortunately ran out of time, so Dan, who works for a film company, will finish everyone’s editing.

It was fun talking to the elders and working with them. I hope we can do something like it again.