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New numeracy course supporting student maths engagement

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Every child in NSW deserves the opportunity to develop the necessary mathematics and numeracy skills to succeed in life, increasing their post-school pathways and life options while building the foundations for future dreams.

From 2022, all NSW secondary schools will have access to the new Numeracy course in Stage 6.  This course is proven to lift student engagement in mathematics and numeracy and contribute to their HSC.

The new course is being rolled out following evaluation of the pilot that was led by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE).  The evaluation found an increase in participation and engagement with students of Stage 6 mathematics including Students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training courses, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students and Students in rural and remote areas.

To support and drive awareness of the importance of mathematics in everyday life – a group of well-respected ambassadors and content creators will continue to share with students how they use mathematics in their daily life. 

Some of our ambassadors have already shared their stories with us:

  • Sports brains with professional athlete, Steve Solomon, and mathematics teacher, Eddie Woo
  • Creative brains with former Harper’s BAZAAR editor-in-chief, Kellie Hush, and mathematics teacher Eddie Woo 
  • Chef brains with former Masterchef contestant, Alice Zaslavsky, and mathematics teacher Eddie Woo.

For more examples and ideas for you and your child to explore mathematics in a fun and engaging way, check out the Everyday Maths Hub.

The Everyday Maths Hub was designed specifically to support students and their families to bring mathematics into the everyday, developing and supporting positive attitudes towards mathematics and numeracy.

As we know from evidenced-based research, when teachers and schools work together with parents and carers, our students' attitudes, engagement and success are enhanced.  We can work together to achieve great results across mathematics and numeracy. For ideas on how to engage your child visit Everyday Maths Hub.