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SRC SSC Induction Ceremony

It was lovely to have so many family members witness our Student Representative Council (SRC) and Student Sustainability Council (SSC) Induction Ceremony this week. This is an important ceremony in our calendar to recognise our elected student leaders in the SRC and volunteers in the SSC. 

We heard from long term members of the SRC, Ellie Long and Aurelia Farr. Please see their speeches to follow. Alliyah Rameka and Isabelle Hawke provided an insight to the work of the SSC. 

The students were presented with their badges and recited the EHS Leadership Pledge. 

Morning tea was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Congratulations to all our SRC and SSC representatives. 

Ms Miller, Mrs Annan, Mr Nigro and Ms De France

SRC and SSC Coordinators

Induction Ceremony Speech

Good morning, leadership members, teachers and parents, my name is Aurelia and I am fortunate to be a part of the Year 11 SRC. As a long term member of the SRC, I have been successfully elected by my peers every year since Year 7. Throughout the past 4 years, I have embedded a deep gratefulness for the numerous opportunities the SRC provides. There are countless benefits the SRC imparts to its members, including social skills, leadership skills, fundraising, and making a difference to those less privileged.

As a longstanding member, I have been involved in various fundraisers to raise awareness and funds for worldwide organizations. Recently, the SRC conducted a bake sale to raise funds for our sponsor child Romani who lives in Ethiopia. The event was largely successful, and incredibly rewarding, knowing we are making a difference to better life and education for Romani. An additional initiative the SRC takes part in annually, is World vision’s challenges. This year, the Year 11 SRC is leading the 40 backpack challenge to raise funds and awareness for refugees. This is a consistently successful event, and we are hoping to get the entire school involved, to assist such an incredible cause. 

Recently, myself and my fellow Year 11 SRC members were given the opportunity to volunteer in the Premier’s Gala Concert. During this event, we assisted senior citizens to go to and from this amazing event, helping them experience an exciting day out. This was such a rewarding experience, giving back to the community for their severance in society. Engadine High School is continually asked to take part in this gratifying event, and constantly offers the SRC the chance to participate. Being a part of a driven and collaborative leadership team to attempt to better our school environment and the wider community is undoubtedly fulfilling. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and experiences the SRC has provided over numerous years of membership, and for our coordinators Miss Miller, Miss Annan and Mr Nigro for constantly supporting us, thank you. 

Aurelia Farr

SRC Induction Speech

Hi everyone, my name is Ellie from the Year 11 SRC and I am a long term member of the Student Representative Council. Fortunately I was given the opportunity to take part in the SRC since Year 8. Over the past years I have developed a passion for change and social justice, as well as a love for the opportunities the SRC provides us with. As well as engaging in fundraisers and organisations I have the privilege of pride, knowing that I am a representative of our amazing school community.

Every year the Engadine High School SRC takes part in Our Big Kitchen, an amazing organisation where we head off to Bondi, prep, then cook meals for those in need. Last year we were lucky enough to not only make a meal for the disadvantaged but we were granted the opportunity to make cookies for the hard working firefighters, that risked their lives during the unfortunate bushfires. Since being an SRC member I look forward to being part of this amazing experience every year, and once again helping the wider community. Unfortunately, this year we had to postpone due to Covid regulations however we are able to take part in this organisation week 10 this term.

One of the most amazing feelings from being part of the Student representative council is receiving support from not only our school but the wider community. The support received is incomparable and helps reflect our group’s hardworking and amazing efforts. The SRC has become a place where I was lucky enough to form friendships with my fellow students. I could not be more proud of everyone who is part of the SRC this year, and I’d like to thank all of you for helping make a difference. I would also like to thank Mrs Miller, Mrs Annan and Mr Nigro who are extraordinary mentors and teachers who strive to make our experience more enjoyable. Thank you 

Ellie Long