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Senior Premier’s Debating Competition

Senior Premier's Debating Team 2021

Congratulations to our Senior Premier’s Debating team: Lara Proctor, Casey Frater, Vivien Van Luyt and Georgia Heard.

A message from Mr Owen, our Senior Debating coach.

Throughout the debating period, the girls were unceasingly enthusiastic about contributing their best as representatives of Engadine High School. At each debate, they brought wit and verve to their articulation of thoughtful commentary about challenging topics such as ‘Should colonial statues be removed?’ and ‘Should arts components be mandatory in university courses?’.

I was always impressed by the careful platform that Casey lay for her teammates as she proved herself a calculated and energetic first speaker. I admired the skills, indeed the courage, that Vivien displayed as a relatively new debater in the PDC system. We look forward to further greatness in her high school public speaking. Lara was a force to be reckoned with as third speaker; each adjudicator making special comment on the gravitas of her closing statements. Finally, Georgia was indispensable as fourth speaker; a new PDC debater, she acquitted herself admirably in assisting the other girl’s to gather their ideas and prepare their comments.

While the girls were narrowly defeated in two debates that went down to the wire and no doubt caused much consternation for the adjudicators present, they were incredibly impressive at every step and a true testament to the quality and character of Engadine senior students.

Sadly, the debating journey has come to an end for both Lara and Casey, but without a doubt, they have left a pathway of inspiration for those that choose to follow in their footsteps – with Vivien and Georgia showing others the EHS debating way.

Well done girls, and thank you Mr Owen.