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Wellbeing Week

Students RUOK

EHS has been celebrating R U OK?/ Mental Health Week. There has been a range of activities focusing on the '5 steps to wellbeing': Be active, Keep learning, Connect, Be aware and Help others: https://www.5waystowellbeing.org.au/ . 


Students wrote gratitude letters to teachers and friends which were distributed in roll call. Expressing gratitude can positively change our brain by boosting dopamine and serotonin, which work to improve our mood and can strengthen our social connections.

Our leadership team ran a ‘Just Dance’ session which was an opportunity for students to engage with others, strengthen connections by sharing positive experiences and dance along to some classics!


'Be Active'

This was about recognising the positive impact that moving our body can have on supporting our mental and physical health This doesn’t need to be intense physical activity but activities that we enjoy and can do every day.

Our leadership team ran a ‘sports round robin’ which involved a large portion of the student body, and was a huge success! Mr Vance began the 'R U OK' handball competition with the winner gaining the title of “R U OK Handball Champion for 2022”. Our Aboriginal Education Officer, Ms Cousins, ran a Weaving Workshop and one of our parents, Dean, led a Yarning Circle and Art Workshop.

A brilliant day... Not to mention the cracking weather!!!!

'Keep Learning'

Continued learning across all ages is important for happiness, health and wellbeing – this can be challenging ourselves to do something in a different way, learning something new or in different environments.

Some of our staff learned to cook in a different way by bulk cooking a free BBQ, along with the help from some of our wonderful student volunteers. There is lots of evidence to suggest breakfast has a positive effect on learning, memory, concentration, performance and mood.

Some of our Year 7’s engaged in a ‘scavenger hunt’, using their problem solving skills to figure out some tricky questions by Ms Mitchell and Mr Nigro. Our leadership team ran a dance class where students learnt choreography to a song, dance techniques and skills.

Another fantastic day in a week full of postive mental health for our school community!

‘Be Aware’

This theme was all about increasing our self-awareness. When we develop a better connection to ourselves and become more mindful, we have a better awareness of our thoughts, sensations and feelings which can increase our wellbeing, ability to cope, healthy behaviours and positively influence of mental health.

We ran our final just dance session which was a massive turn out. During lunch time, Ms DeFrance ran a mindful art session, the wellbeing and counselling staff ran a ‘mood booster’ activity, Mr Vance ran the ‘R U OK?’ handball championship finals and our leadership played some upbeat music over the speakers. Mr Adams ran a games session and Ms Hart ran Yoga and Meditation.


Wellbeing Week - Day 5 - Help Others!

The final day of Wellbeing Week was on Friday, and what a massive day it was! Studies show that helping others can boost our happiness, life satisfaction, feelings of competence and meaning as well as being a good thing to do! Things like, doing something kind for someone else, smiling and saying hello or giving your time/volunteering can help you build friendships, improve community and give you a sense of belonging.