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2022 Youth Dance Choreographers

Students on stage dancing

The Youth Choreographers Dance program at Engadine High School was established in 2020 under the guidance of Ms Comelli and Mrs Maroon. It provides students with a unique opportunity to experience the role of a professional choreographer, enabling them to engage with industry professionals as they map their creative vision. The process begins with the student choreographers meeting the Year 7 dance ensemble and establishing the capabilities of the group. This is followed by a shared pitch to the dance staff, explaining their creative intent of the work they intend to produce. Students are then responsible for selecting appropriate music for the age group and designing a costume that supports the concept of the work. The youth choreographers are responsible for measuring, ordering and sending the designs to the local dance costume dressmaker at Studio Workroom in Kirrawee. This is followed by early morning rehearsals where the choreographers meet with their ensemble to construct the dance work in preparation for audition entry into the Regional Dance Festival 'In the Spotlight'.

2022 saw two talented year 11 students Kirby Exton and Andie White joining forces to work with the Junior Dance Ensemble. Dealing with the current pandemic and health crisis has made this year's program quite challenging, however, both Andie and Kirby have risen to the challenge and produced a successful work for 22 students. The work was successful in its video audition and the girls were involved every step of the way. This included teaching non dancers how to turn, styling makeup and hair at Broadway Shopping Centre, to sitting with professional lighting managers to stage their vision. As their dance teacher it has been encouraging to watch their journey unfold. This is particularly evident when they bring their experience back into the classroom with a greater depth of knowledge of the process and a lived experience applying their creative and critical thinking skills in a professional environment. 

It is inspiring to see the students embrace the Youth Choreographer's program with such maturity whilst advocating so passionately for dance within the school environment. We are incredibly proud of their achievements this year and are looking forward to watching them embark on their next dance work projected for the end of year EHS Dance Showcase.