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Applause for our Outstanding Students!

Smiling Students behind a high morning tea table

On Monday, December 4th, 2023, our incredible Support Unit hosted a High Tea that was nothing short of extraordinary!

Our talented students put their creative skills to work by crafting their very own ceramic cups – true works of art! Not only that, but they also showcased their culinary prowess by whipping up a delectable array of treats that left everyone's taste buds dancing with joy!

The students took charge of the event, extending warm invitations to our staff members who had the privilege of experiencing firsthand the delightful spread and the heartfelt effort put into every detail.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our talented students. Let's continue fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration at Engadine High School!

Last Tuesday was a special day as students from the Blue, White, and Teal classes took the spotlight for the Support Unit Showcase. The Blue class had the room in stitches with a funny Christmas play, while the Teals and Whites showcased their musical talents with rehearsed songs of their choice.

It was truly heartening to see the hard work and dedication these students put into their performances. A big shoutout to the support staff and VET crew for their essential contributions, ensuring the event's success.

Engadine High School continues to be a space where our students shine, and it's events like these that make us proud of the diverse talents within our school community. Well done to all involved!

A round of applause for our exceptional students, Jessica Clarke, Alexia Aseniro, Eva Giovenco, Violeta Rolfe, and Andy Tanou from our Support Unit, who delivered a stellar performance in the 2023 School Spectacular D’Arts Ensemble at Qudos Bank Arena!

Special congratulations to Jessica Clark for earning a well-deserved featured role on the main stage! With bright smiles, they radiated joy and dazzled the audience in their fabulous orange glitter costumes – a true reflection of their enthusiasm.

In a world often preoccupied with differences, these students beautifully reminded us of the richness found in embracing diversity.

The School Spectacular provided a fantastic opportunity for these talented individuals to connect with students from schools across New South Wales, fostering new friendships along the way.

A heartfelt thank you to the parents and the dedicated staff of Engadine High School for their unwavering support during this remarkable event. Well done to our golden performers – "You are GOLD" indeed!