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Empowering Youth to Inspire Change

Student with presenter

Introducing the fresh launch of the 2023-2024 Empowering Youth to Inspire Change (EYTIC) initiative! Huge kudos to the students who have stepped up to become dynamic change-makers within our community. Their unwavering dedication was truly evident during an impactful leadership training day led by Mr. Reg Mahoney. Reg was quick to praise their incredible positivity, respect, and genuine enthusiasm.

The focus of the day was centred around honing essential communication skills, setting ambitious goals, and nurturing emotional resilience. On top of this, the students have also actively participated in an inclusion workshop. A big shout out to Gymea Community Aid and Information Service for their invaluable support in making this program possible.

We eagerly anticipate remarkable achievements from this talented year 9 cohort. The journey ahead holds immense promise!