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Announcing Student the Leadership Team for 2024

Smiling students

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce to you our outstanding Student Leadership Team for the year 2024! These remarkable individuals have been selected because of their unwavering commitment to our school, their dynamic personalities, and their deep-rooted sense of social justice, kindness, and compassion.

Meet the leaders who will guide our school to new heights:

Brooke Pollard (School Captain)

Sophie Weppler (School Captain)

Hayley Proctor (Vice Captain)

Fletcher Tillett (Vice Captain)

School Prefects

Reuven Cheang

Jessica Clarke

Selah Dahl

Christian Martin

Charlotte Oliver

Dylan Pearce

Phoebe Ryan-Sweeny

Addison Winkleman

These students have shown not only their dedication to academics but also their passion for making our school a better place. They are not just leaders in name; they are leaders in action. With their guidance and unwavering support, we are confident that Engadine High School will continue to flourish.

Our 2024 leadership team embodies the values that we hold dear: inclusion, empathy, and a commitment to fostering an environment where every student feels valued and supported. They are eager to serve our school community and make a positive impact on the lives of their fellow students.

Join us in congratulating these remarkable individuals as they take on their roles with enthusiasm and dedication.