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Principal Networks Recognition Award

Mrs Scott smiling with an award

At Engadine High School, we cherish the brilliance of all our teachers. Yet, on rare occasions, we have the privilege of singling out one extraordinary educator and celebrating their profound impact. That distinction belongs to Kelly Scott, our beloved Learning Support Teacher, who embodies the spirit of innovation, inspiration, and leadership.

Kelly Scott has received the Principal Networks Recognition Award!

Kelly's unwavering commitment to making education accessible to all students has changed lives, leaving an indelible mark on our school community. Her kindness and generosity are the cornerstone of her leadership, inspiring both students and colleagues. As a brilliant teacher, inspiring coach, a kind year advisor, and the driving force behind countless school events, she has been the heart of Engadine High School for so many years.

We salute not just an award but a remarkable person who has touched the lives of thousands. Congratulations, Kelly, on this well-deserved recognition, as we celebrate your brilliance and the extraordinary impact you've had on our school.