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Linkages Day

Student sitting in hall

Linkages Day brought over 300 bright young minds from primary schools into our grounds, and what a day it was! From engaging demonstration lessons to uplifting wellbeing activities, every moment was filled with energy and excitement.

We owe a massive THANK YOU to everyone who made today possible. To the 12 dedicated primary school teachers, over 20 incredible Engadine High School teachers, and 30 enthusiastic student helpers – your passion and commitment shone through in every activity. And of course, a special shoutout to the one and only Val Sylvestre, whose tireless efforts and exceptional coordination made today's event seamless and unforgettable.

At Engadine High School, we believe in supporting our students every step of the way. Linkages Day isn't just about fun activities – it's about easing the transition to high school and setting our students up for success.