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Year 7 Camp

Student Abseiling

We're thrilled to report that our Year 7 students have had a fantastic start to their school camp at Stawell Tops! The weather has held off, despite the forecast, allowing us to enjoy a full day of activities outdoors.

From hitting bullseyes in archery to screaming with excitement on the big swing, and strategising in survivor challenges, the energy is high and the smiles are endless. It's wonderful to see new friendships forming and connections deepening as our students dive into these new experiences together.

 Their exemplary behaviour and eagerness to form new friendships have been great to witness.

Day 2 has not disappointed, offering a gorgeous day under clear skies. Our brave campers faced new challenges today, including a cold water immersion and a mental health session, both generously supported by #Gotchaforlife. These activities are not just fun but also instrumental in building resilience and promoting mental well-being among our students.

We're all excited for what Night 2 and Day 3 will bring as we continue to foster a supportive and engaging environment for our students. We're so proud of their growth and the positive spirit they've maintained throughout the camp.

Parents, we hope you're enjoying this quiet time at home! Rest assured, your kids are having a blast and making memories that will last a lifetime.