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Success at the NSWCHS Swimming Championships

Smiling students

We are incredibly proud of our talented swimmers who represented our school at the NSWCHS Swimming Championships last week. Their hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship shone brightly, and we are thrilled to share their fantastic achievements!

Ivy Lewis (14 years)

3rd place - 400m Freestyle

10th place - 200m Freestyle

12th place - 100m Freestyle

13th place - 100m Butterfly

Rory Mesaglio (16 years)

14th place - 50m Freestyle

13th place - 100m Freestyle

Bailey Doves (16 years)

Competed valiantly in the 200m Freestyle

Unfortunately, the boys' relay team event was cancelled due to a fire, but we want to recognise the hard work and team spirit of the 16yrs boys:

Rory Mesaglio

Bailey Doves

Jack Walker

Riley Smith

A huge congratulations to all our swimmers for their outstanding performances! You have made our school proud, and we look forward to seeing more of your achievements in the future. Let's celebrate these amazing students and their dedication to swimming!