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From The Principal

Principal Kerrie Jones

As we move to the school holidays, it may seem like Groundhog Day with increasing restrictions around our safety as we negotiate this new era mid pandemic. I am, however, inordinately grateful for how our leaders, and us as citizens, have responded to ensure our relative safety in these challenging times.

You will have received an email regarding your preparedness for online learning (an eventuality we hope does not occur). Please respond ASAP to the survey indicated in the email sent out on Wednesday afternoon to ensure that we can take appropriate action if needs be.

The resistance and determination evident in our school this semester will provide a strong foundation for our students, families and staff, going forward.

We as a school are planning for all likely scenarios and will continue to keep you updated as we become aware of the evolving situations during the school holidays.

Our students have been afforded extraordinary opportunities in sport, dance, music, debating, drama, social justice action and public speaking, both within school and through their external networks. They have excelled, with many representing our state at national level. Please continue to let us know of our students’ achievements so we can acknowledge and celebrate their commitment, resilience and successes.

In other news, we were fortunate to have the Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Mr Lee Evans, MP and Angela Farr-Jones from Stand Tall last week visit, enjoy and be impressed by our magnificent school. Our stage band and vocal ensemble delighted, and our Women United student-led group were inspirational in their articulation of desire for social justice for all.

We are extremely excited by the prospect of our new multi-purpose centre which is forecast to be completed by the beginning of 2022. Please see https://www.schoolinfrastructure.nsw.gov.au/projects/e/engadine-high-school-upgrade.html. for further information.

We wish for you all a safe break. Take care and be kind to each other and yourselves.

Ms Kerrie Jones