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Project-Based Learning (PBL) initiative

Students watch a demonstration

Something extraordinary is brewing in Year 9! The launch of our Project-Based Learning (PBL) initiative, "For the Community, By the Community," is nothing short of groundbreaking!

Our ingenious students are not just learning; they're crafting, innovating, and turning their classrooms into startup hubs. From eco-friendly home designs to bespoke products and cutting-edge companies, the ideas are as diverse as the talents behind them.

Laser cutters are buzzing as students shape plans for eco-friendly homes that redefine sustainable living. Others are diving headfirst into entrepreneurship, dreaming up bespoke products and companies that promise to reshape our world.

CEOs, CFOs, Researchers, Marketing and Media Managers. They're not just imagining; they're building, learning, and navigating the twists and turns of actual business operations.

The climax is next week when these visionaries take the stage to pitch their creations. Well done year 9 we hope you embrace the next 3 days of learning.