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EHS Swimming Carnival 2021


Our annual EHS Swimming Carnival was held on Friday 12th February and although it was a slightly different format to the past years being competitors only, it was a hugely successful occasion. We had a large group of student competitors, competing in many events throughout the day. 

Congratulations to all the serious competitors plus those students that were there for fun and to be involved.

Age Champions for the School Swimming Carnival were:

  • Hannah Martin 12 years Hugo Biggs
  • Olivia Genge 13 years Bailey Doves
  • Mackenzie Phillips
  • Amy Sanderson
  • 14 years Dylan Hughes
  • Phoebe Ryan-Sweeney 15 years Jeremy Stapleton
  • Shannon Lewis 16 years Kade Tougher
  • Felicity Ryan–Sweeney 17+ years

Congratulations to Olivia Genge for breaking a 2014 record in 13 yrs girls Butterfly by swimming 34.69 sec.

Now to what I’m sure you all have been waiting for…… below are the house points and the house WINNER

  • JIBBON – 4th on 115 points
  • GARIE – 3rd on 132 points
  • AUDLEY – 2nd on 227 points
  • WATTAMOLLA – WINNERS!!!!!!!!! 1st with 258 points

Many thanks to the PDHPE staff for their organisation and to all the students who attended that made it such an enjoyable and successful day.