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Science In The Classroom

Students in Science classroom

All science classes have been enjoying experimental and hands-on activities now that we are back in the classroom.

The new Year 12 Earth and Environmental science have been studying types of fossils. Here is an excellent example of a mould fossil then used to make a cast fossil using a flower. 

Year 12 Investigating science has been testing a claim, with students using their scientific skills to test ideas such as whether flushable wipes are really flushable, dogs can see in colour, salt added to water has a noticeable effect on boiling, whether the tongue does have zones, whether heavier objects falls faster, sugar makes children hyperactive. 

As Year 12 students, they using our senior equipment in innovative ways such as with this apparatus use to test and investigate flushable wipes.

They are studying this within the Investigating Science Facts and Fallacies.

Year 12 Earth and Environmental science are participating in a citizen science project with Sydney University- TeaComposition which involves numerous school collaborating to conduct soil tests. The students needed to bury the specific brand tea bags at sites which have been scientifically tested.

Year 9 have been learning about scientific skills such as measuring data from parachutes.

Year 7 have been learning about the various separating techniques used in science.

Year 8 are learning about electrical circuits.