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Bronze Qualifying Hike - Duke of Edinburgh

Students hiking through the bush

Just one week later, and we're back at it with our amazing Duke of Edinburgh kids! This time, it's our Bronze Qualifying hike, and Day 1 was nothing short of epic.

We trekked to the mesmerising Karloo Pools, then pushed on to Uloola Falls and finally reached the Coledale campsite. The journey was adorned with gorgeous wildflowers and, let me tell you, it was a challenge that the majority of us tackled head-on.

Our students have been absolutely excellent, their determination shining through every step of the way.

The team woke up to a stunning sunrise on Day 2, a perfect start to the day. They got together, cooked a delicious BBQ breakfast, and packed up their camp as the adventure continued.

Today's exploration took them through diverse ecosystems, from the sandy shores of the beach to rocky platforms and lush rainforests. It was an incredible journey that left everyone with big smiles!

As for our fantastic teachers, Mrs. Bridgeman, Mr. Stewart, and Mr. Vance, they're having a blast! It's always a pleasure to embark on these adventures with such an awesome team.

A special shout-out to Coledale SLSC for their unwavering support of the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Engadine High School. Your partnership makes these adventures possible, and we're truly grateful. #coledaleSLSC #DukeofEdinburgh #AdventureComplete