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Meeting of Two Cultures Ceremony

Meeting of 2 Cultures

252 years ago on the 29th April, 1770 Captain James Cook and the Endeavour Crew first made contact with the Dharawal Peoples at Kamay Botany Bay. Last Friday a number of our students attended The Meeting of Two Cultures Ceremony commemorating this important historical event. This was an opportunity for all those in attendance to reflect on our shared history and recommit to a united, reconciled future. Aunty Barb reminded us to stop, think, remember and reflect. She said, "we must walk together in harmony and unity in order to achieve lots together. Walk together in grace." Following the official ceremony the students learned from David, a Gamay ranger, about bush tucker and the important commemorative sculptures along the waters edge at Kamay. They also participated in Dharawal language, weaving, dance and shell cultural workshops.