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Subject selection

Subject Selection for Year 9

Year 8 students at Engadine High, this is your opportunity to choose some of the subjects you study at school. The first two years at high school have provided experiences in a wide range of subjects to support the best choice of electives for you in Years 9 and 10.

Subject Selection for Year 11

For all young people today the question, “what does the future hold?” is especially challenging and exciting. Technology expands, social attitudes change, traditional job opportunities and careers are constantly evolving.

The future will be more demanding, there will be greater competition for jobs and these jobs will demand higher levels of skill. This means that educational opportunities, better training and respected qualifications are essential assets for young people entering the workforce.

This is particularly the case for people of your age. So, as Year 10 students of Engadine High, your future options need to be considered very carefully.