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Enrichment: High Potential and Gifted Education

Enrichment: High Potential and Gifted Education

Our High Potential initiatives actively identify gifted learners and nurture their unique gifts and talents while supporting their academic progress and wellbeing. We do not consider the development of talents as an option, but as a fundamental right and ensure that learning is differentiated to the higher levels of thinking typical of gifted learners.

We draw on a range of strategies to support our gifted and talented students: enrichment class placement, self-paced learning, Project-Based Learning, mentoring, and extracurricular enrichment activities. Engadine High School has introduced an accelerated high potential cross year group class for students in Years 7 to 10. Students in this class work closely with a teacher mentor and create a personal interest project. Our staff are continually engaged in professional development regarding the unique learning needs of gifted and talented learners drawing on evidence-based research from Gagne to Williams’ models to offer relevant and meaningful experiences for students.

Providing a challenging curriculum for all students is one of our most important tasks. Some students might be working beyond their age and stage level in one or more subjects. A team of teachers provide training and support to all the teachers. We differentiate the curriculum within each subject as well as offer the chance for students to take part in activities that will help them extend their skills and understanding. 

All students are encouraged to enter academic competitions and extra-curricular tasks. Our senior curriculum offers options for our most capable students in English, Mathematics, Science, Music and History. In Years 7 to 10, students are placed in classes according to their ability.  Students in Year 7 are placed in their classes on the basis of reports from their Year 6 teachers and their results in our placement test. From Year 8 to 10 placement is based on your progress in each subject. Other opportunities for High Potential & Gifted Education students, including programs offered by universities, will be advertised as they become available. HPGE students also engage in a cross year class that aims to further promote critical and creative thinking.