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Technological and applied studies

Technological and applied studies (TAS) is mandatory for all students in Year 7 and 8. Students can also select from a range of elective TAS subjects.

In TAS, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through a design and production process using a range of tools, materials and techniques in theory and practical lessons.

The continuum of technology learning is:

  • mandated from Kindergarten to Year 8 through Science and Technology K-6 and Technology Mandatory Years 7-8 syllabuses
  • based on students becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to apply knowledge, skills and understanding to design and produce solutions
  • optional for student specialisation in high school through a range of syllabuses addressing particular technologies and aspects of design.

Technology education assists students to develop an understanding of the impact of technologies on culture, society and the environment.

It provides opportunities across a diverse array of subjects for innovation, creativity, enterprise, management, collaboration and communication. Students research, design, manipulate and produce products, systems and environments using simple to more complex technologies.

Engadine High School has a wide array of Industry standard facilities and equipment that enables us to offer a broad range of courses from Years 7-12. Specialist rooms have equipment and resources that enable students to achieve quality outcomes. Resources include a full hospitality stainless steel kitchen; four wood and metal workshops; a welding bay; an engineering space with a CNC router, laser cutter and 3D printers; two textile rooms; and a dedicated engineering computer lab with CAD software.

Extension programs allow students to use their skills to further develop in different technological areas and especially connect outside the classroom with real life experiences. Students have the opportunity to visit our local community resources such as ANSTO and the University of Wollongong.

TAS students have been involved in:

  • Engineering Summer Schools.
  • University of Wollongong Engineering Competition with a finalist representing Engadine High
  • University of Wollongong Industrial Technology Timber Competition
  • Computer aided design and manufacturing experiences using industry standard equipment.
  • Catering for formal school visits and events by VET Food and Beverage Hospitality students.
  • Textile and Design students showcased in the NSW TEXSTYLE exceptional HSC works.
  • Industrial Technology Timber Products and Furniture Technologies students showcased in the HSC INDtech exhibition.
  • VET outstanding Students Sutherland Business Education Network awards.

Mandatory Years 7 and 8

Technology, Wood Technology, Food Technology, Graphics Technology, Metal Technology, Textile Technology and Engineering Technology.


Years 9 and 10

Industrial Technology Timber, Engineering Technology, Graphics Technology, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Information and Software Technology, Textiles and Child Studies.


Years 11 and 12

Design and Technology, Food Technology, Information Processes and Technology, Software Design and Development, Textiles and Design, Engineering, Exploring Early Childhood and Community and Family Studies.