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Celebrating Diversity at Engadine High School!

Students enjoying a live performance

What an incredible day it was at Engadine High School as we proudly hosted Wear It Purple Day! The colours of the rainbow have never shone brighter as our students came together to celebrate inclusivity, acceptance, and the beautiful spectrum of identities that make us who we are.

A big thank you to Wear it Purple, headspace Miranda, 2Connect Youth & Community and The Family Co. - Youth Services for being there to celebrate and support with us.

Let's keep the spirit of Wear It Purple Day alive every day – celebrating uniqueness, fostering respect, and creating a safe space for everyone to thrive. A massive thank you to all the students, staff, and supporters who made this day a resounding success! Remember, at Engadine High School, we stand together, united in all our beautiful colours. #WearItPurpleDay #InclusivityMatters #EngadinePride